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Pamela and Scott Marshall are both graduates of the University of Florida School of Architecture with Bachelor of Design degrees in Interior Design and studies in Fine Art.  During Pamela’s design career she rose to the position of Director of Design in a large Atlanta architectural firm, working with a staff of 50 designer’s and three branch offices where she and the design teams completed several very large corporate headquarter, interior architectural projects.  Many of these projects involved extensive art collections, and Pamela gained both an appreciation and intense interest in this aspect of the project.This led her to co-founding Novus Inc. in 1989.

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Scott Marshall practiced Interior Design while working for a prestigious hospitality design firm in Atlanta, Ga. His involvement in all aspects of the project, including art, led him to both have an interest in and also to see the need for a company that could coordinate all aspects of the art selection and placement process.

Together, Scott and Pamela began Novus, Inc., an Art Gallery and fine framing business in Atlanta, Ga.  During the five years that the gallery was open, many art exhibitions were hosted, along with participation in a number of community projects such as, Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Clubs, The Alliance Theatre, and more.  We have offered  art consultation, framing and installation services since 1994.  See the  “Services” page for a complete description of these services.

Pamela and Scott have professional experience in both the Interior Architectural and Art fields.  This experience makes them uniquely qualified to provide creative art solutions for every project.  Since starting this business in 1989, Novus, Inc. has established many long term relationships with such clients as: SunTrust Bank, Wellstar Health System, Kaiser Permanente, and Emory Winship Cancer Institute.