Novus, Inc. was begun in 1989 by Pamela and Scott Marshall.  The business was founded with the intention of providing comprehensive art services to Architects, Interior Designer’s, Facility Managers and End Users.  We believe that our clients can best be served by providing art selection, framing and installation services, in-house.  By streamlining this process, we are able to reduce the overall costs of an art project when compared to the costs of hiring separate companies to provide each of these services.  The additional benefit of this approach is that we are monitoring and steering the project through each step of the process.  As a result, the entire project benefits, and there is a visual consistency and uniqueness to each art project.  We are also able to meet specific deadlines required by a project, because we are in control of the entire process from selection to installation.  When you engage Novus for your art needs, both Pamela and Scott Marshall are directly involved in every aspect of the project, including installation.

As outlined in our “Project List” page, Novus has completed a diverse range of projects that include Healthcare, Hospitality, Banking, Corporate, Institutional, Government, Legal and Public spaces.  Many of the projects include commissioned art, such as sculpture, paintings and wall murals, all designed specifically for each project.  Our strength is founded  in our ability to listen to each client’s needs and to provide appropriate art which is unique to that client and which coordinates seamlessly with the architecture and interior design of the space.  Our philosophy is to provide only the highest quality of service and art for each project. The  result is a timeless environment and a completely satisfied client.