Fine Art Selection and Aquisition

Novus Inc. offers an extensive range of resources in all types of art.  Our resources meet the requirements for art in Healthcare, Corporate, Hospitality, Banking, Institutional, Government, Legal, and Public spaces.  The resources include, original paintings, prints, posters, textiles and three dimensional objects such as sculpture glass,and ceramic objects.   Many of our projects include commissioned art for specific requirements.  We also have experience in placing monumental site or suspended sculpture, from the concept stage through  installation.

Once final art selections are completed for a project, we will coordinate all the details in order to aquire the art from artists or publishers.  We also coordinate commissioned art through the entire process.  We consider each project as special and unique, and we provide creative solutions which reflect each client’s desired image.

Project Budgeting

Once a project’s scope is defined, we will provide art location plans and determine comprehensive budget options for various levels and combinations of proposed art.  Framing and installation costs are also included.  Together with the client, an appropriate budget is determined in order to meet the requirements of the project.

Art Valuation

Our many years of experience enable us to assist our clients in determining the provenance and market value of an existing piece of art or entire collection.  Once a piece of art is reviewed and researched, we provide the client with a document which includes detailed information, a photograph and a current market valuation.

Art Inventory

We utilize an art specific program for organizing and documenting your existing art collection.  We offer services which include a physical inventory where we gather detailed information, bar code each item, photograph each item of art or object, and provide the client with a comprehensive final document.

Art Lighting Consultation

Both the proper placement of art and correct lighting, is a key element in the success of each project.  We offer these services to ensure that each piece of art is properly emphasized.


We offer framing selection and specification services for each project.  Our framing facility provides the highest quality picture framing in order to both protect and enhance the client’s art investment.  Because we offer custom framing in-house, we are able to provide very competitive pricing to our clients.


At Novus Inc. we believe in “hands on” installation coordination and supervision.  Our team of qualified installers carefully handle the art in order to assure that every piece of art is safely moved, placed, and installed securely.